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I had the idea for this business a number of years ago, after being really inspired by the value that Montessori and Rudolf Steiner placed on developing creativity through play.  I’m embarrassed to say that I was actually thinking about these toys and how I’d like my children to play with them before I even had kids!


I love these toys because of their infinite possibilities - the children can be creative and learn spatial awareness and fine motor skills while using their imagination and having fun.


The toys also offer opportunities for parents to participate and spend meaningful quality time with their children – while the children's imagination and development come on in leaps and bounds.


The toys seem really simple and that’s the point. To bring them to life takes a child’s imagination – not batteries.


I hope your children get as much out of them as my children have.


Sian x.

Passionate about giving children an opportunity to learn through creative play.

my mummy's toy company

play. learn. love


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